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About Club Thread

Sam lives in Manila (Philippines) with her hubby Titus, and their beautiful furbaby Granny. Fueled by her passion for fashion, Sam enrolled in a fashion design school in Makati. Inspired by the colorful fabric prints during one of her trips in Seoul (Korea), Club Thread was born to provide alternative, whimsical designs that add character in one’s home.

Why Club Thread? Any batang (kid) 90s can relate to it. Back in the Pinoy rock scene of the 90s, there was this small place along EDSA called Club Dredd that welcomed new and upcoming bands to showcase their music. Several popular bands now started in that place as unknowns and wannabees. Club Thread is very much like that – an escape from the ordinary designs, edgy, grungy, raw, imperfect, because we find beauty in that and we hope you would too.

Pillow Cases
Our first product that was released in 2017. Throw pillow cases with playful designs that can be statement pieces in your bedrooms or living rooms, hand-picked and sewn by Sam. 

When we got Granny, it really changed everything – our schedule, our routine, our LIVES! We were always thinking of things to get her. That’s when we explored making bandanas and handed out some to Granny’s furriends in the village to test. With the pandemic wherein pet owners spend more time with their pets, there was a lot of interest in our bandanas. What makes it different from the other bandanas in the market is that Club Thread bandanananas are reversible so you get 2 designs for the price of 1. How cool is that? And the designs are really nice making your adorable furbabies cuter. Perfect for your Instagram uploads.

Cover that Jug
Blue water jugs are such an eye sore and they are difficult to hide. With our covers, no one will ever guess what is underneath it. We also have covers for the round water jugs. 

We have more products planned for launch soon! Follow-us to be updated of what we have in store for you!

Hand-sewn with love by Sam. Proudly made in the Philippines.